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We now accept PayPal and various credit cards payments. If your credit card fails to pay for many times (Note: you may have bad consumption records), please change the credit card of another company or use PayPal to make the payment . We are working towards accepting more payment methods in future to make your shipping more convenient.

Any news about the new payment methods and currencies will be updated on this page.

Once your order has been processed securely online, we do not keep any record of your PayPal and credit card details. Your card details are verified automatically online by and Oceanpayment, the leading world-wide processor of secure online payments. We are happy to answer any questions you have about secure shopping with us.

Note: Please make sure you key in the correct English delivery address in the process of checkout, Otherwise the items you order will be sent out to your default PayPal address.

  • How to know the payment was successful?
    Once payment has been successful, will receive the transaction receipt mailed.
  • After paying what should I do?
    Please be assured that once you pay successfully, you just wait. We process your order within 24 hours, and delivery within 1-2 days.
  • What are the stages of my order?
    For each step of the order to be kept informed by email of payment (date, parcels, package tracking …) This information is also available via the account site.
  • Why I paid the order, but the order status is still “pending”?
    We are used to process the order and ship it on the second day of payment. Only after your order has been shipped, the order status will be changed to “completed” before that, the order status will be “pending”
  • Why is my order status displays “done”, but I have not received the goods?
    The “completed” status means that the goods have been shipped. It does not mean the goods were delivered. you can track your package with the tracking number in order.
  • I have placed an order and payment has been omitted. When I came back to order, and can not find ways to make the payment again. What should I do?
    Unpaid order will not be effective, you may simply ignore the unpaid order and proceed with a new order and then pay for the new.

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